November Newsletter

Here's our November newsletter!

Pastors and secretaries, please print it off and post it on your bulletin boards for parishioners to read. We will also send it out through email. If you'd like to receive this email, please subscribe at the bottom of the page. 


  • Our Humble King Comes . . . 
  • Cowabunga!
  • And more.

We didn't have many extra pictures this week, my apologies. I would like to thank the congregations we visited over the last month. 

  • Trinity Lutheran, San Angelo, TX
  • Grace Lutheran, Brenham, TX
  • Ebenezer Lutheran, Manheim, TX
  • St. John Galveston, TX

Thank you for spending time with us, allowing us to speak of Christ's work in Asia, and for sharing Christ's gifts with us. 

And, now to the point, our newsletter: 

Askins in Asia November (Good)

Askins in Asia November (Better)

Askins in Asia November (Best)

As always, please share this as widely as possible. The more people who hear about Christ's work in Asia, the more who might consider walking with us on this journey. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

— The Askins