Askins in Asia: May Newsletter

Ronan standing at the edge Capulin volcano

Ronan standing at the edge Capulin volcano

The newest issue of the Askins in Asia newsletter is now available. It's a day or two late, but it's here. I've included two copies, one which has better resolution on the photos but downloads slower. The Low-res version downloads faster, but the pictures are not as clear. 

Pastors, if you could please print a copy and post it on the church bulletin board, I would greatly appreciate it. Printing a few extra copies for members who don't have an email address would also be nice. 

Finally, please continue to keep us in your prayers. Eliza and the children have made it home, but I'm still traveling for another ten days. Then, a day after I get home, we head up to Wisconsin for more Network Support work. 

Thank you again for your support. 

Askins in Asia: Low-res (For slow internet connections)

Askins in Asia: High-res (Better photos for faster connections)