A Cast of Characters: Septimus Heap, Jenna and Niko, Benny the Jet, Luke, Leah and Vader

— by Eliza M. Askins

We've packed toys, books, colors, papers, worksheets, and more to entertain the children as we travel.


Their imaginations and life experiences are entertainment enough. As we roll down the road, we listen to audio books. When we stop, the children play on the playground calling each other by the names of characters in the books and pretending the play structures are the settings of the stories.

Mathias's feet needed new kicks as his toes were squished. We decided it was time for laces instead of Velcro. He ended up with Converse high-tops. Who is he now? Benny the Jet from The Sandlot. He will out pickle the beast as in these shoes he can run faster and jump higher.

When they do have a chance to watch a movie, they all request StarWars. Later you hear them call to Leah, Luke, and more running from Vader as they play inside and out. Legos, blocks, cars, playgrounds are areas for StarWars to come to life. Who needs store bought toys, they have God's given creativity?