Never Say Never: One Day You Will Drive a 12-Passenger Van and Enjoy It!

— by Eliza M. Askins

Before I was married, I vowed never to buy a grocery-getter station wagon. As young parents, we said, "never will we own a mini-van."

And then we were expecting child number 4. Now, I can't imagine driving anything else. Where would we put all the water bottles and sippy cups? How would all the car seats fit? How would I buckle or unbuckle the car seats if I could fit them?

But, I've said time and time again, nothing bigger than the mini-van. We bought an 8 passenger mini-van and should have enough space, right? Now while building our support network, we have been driving a 12-passenger Ford Transit. And yes, we have both swallowed our words and decided that if we were staying in the States, our next vehicle would be one of these.

Except, we'd have cruise control and more cup holders.

The space is great; even with three weeks of stuff, we can see out of the back window. There is a seat between children to prevent the he's-touching-me bellows. It rides smooth and gets great gas mileage. We can even take others with us along our travels. Wanna come too?

Kiddos in the Ford Transit 350

Kiddos in the Ford Transit 350