They are Children

— by Eliza M. Askins

Please remember, they are just children. They did not choose to move across the ocean. They did not choose to sell or give away their toys, books, and stuffed animals. They did not ask to spend hours in a vehicle. They did not ask to sleep in a different house or hotel every other night. Yet, this is now their life.

They do ask, "Where are we going next? Can we go to a park or playground? Will you play a game with me? Will you read to me? When will be home? Can I have this or that or do I still have this or that at home?"

And in all this, I must remember they are just children.

They need hugs, kisses, and snuggles. They need routine. They need rest. They need to run, play, and laugh. And when these things are missing, they will in time act out and possibly misbehave.

They are children given to me by God, and I am called to love them unconditionally as He first and still loves me. May the Lord grant me patience and strength to allow my children just to be children.