Going Home

— by Eliza M. Askins

Home, where is that really?  Is it where you were born?  Is it where you have lived for the most years?  Is it where you live now?  Is it where you are moving too?  Is it the place that was your favorite residence?  Is it where your family is?  Is it where your friends are?  Or is it the van or hotel your family is renting?  

As we prepared for our recent trip to the Midwest, I uttered, "we are going home."  

These places were once my home and are still home to many of my extended family. They are not however home to my husband and children, nor have they ever been. 

Growing up, I only knew a few houses. In the time I've been married, I've called more apartments or houses home than I did throughout my childhood. What will be the reality for my children? Will Hong Kong be home for many years or just a decade?  Will the flat we have seen pictures be the only place we call home in Hong Kong?  When our children are grown, will they call Hong Kong home or will they call the U.S. home?  

These things we cannot answer now. The Lord knows and wherever His will leads our family and each of our children, He will be with us. He will make it home. Our trust and confidence will be in Him with the hope of our eternal home at His feet.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. And for that reason, we will train our children up in the way of the Lord so that they will not stray from it when they are grown.  

Our postal address may change year after year, but our home will always remain in our Lord.  They say home is where the heart is. The Lord has chosen each of our hearts through the washing of holy baptism and calls us by name as His children in Christ.