He Read My Bum Expression

— by Eliza M. Askins

I'm a mother of five. My clothing has evolved since dating and marrying my husband to mothering my children. What I once wore is not what I would choose today. 

I still have clothes from high school and college because they fit, and I don't like to get rid of things that aren't worn out. I've never been good at style or shopping for what's in at the time. I typically purchase solid, comfortable, and simple. When I attempt to branch out to color or stylish, I usually give it a second glance and think, “nope.” 

I've always wanted to fit in. I don't want to be the center of attention of show stopper. And yet, years ago, I bought comfy lounge pants with words written on the bum. At the time I probably didn't give it a second thought that people would be reading my bum. 

But, my son recently read my butt. 

He sounded the word out just the way I'd taught him. Taken a back, I realized that was the last time those pants would be worn. I don't want my children reading butts. 

We are bombarded daily with immorality and adultery. I recite regularly the Ten Commandments and their meanings with my babes. They know you shall not commit adultery means to lead a chaste and decent life. 

It starts with my example that they might learn too how to dress. So, it starts in my home with eliminating those types of clothing that I would not want my own children wearing. We have all sinned an gone astray, but my bum will not draw attention to itself in that way possibly causing even a little one to be tempted. 

Yes, my son was innocent and simply reading the world around him, but there are much greater works for him to read. And I'm not bummed about discarding the bum expression on pair of pants at a time.