When Dad Travels

— by Eliza

Dad travels monthly. Sometimes it is a long weekend and other times it is as much as 2 weeks.

It is not easy to say good bye. It is not easy to wait for his return. But, we are learning with each trip the lessons God would have us learn in this our vocation as missionary family.

We are not alone.

We are blessed to live in a building with other missionaries. We are blessed to have additional missionaries in the city. We have also made friends in the area. There is help with childcare, meals, and more.

Plus, we are learning to have a different routine when Dad is gone. We are also learning to be a support system for each other. Big sister and big brother help little sister and little brother. 

Mother learns flexibility and then teaches that as well as school to her children.

And when Dad returns we have so much to tell about the places, people, and projects we’ve studied and visited.

It’s not easy, but it is also teaching each of us that our Lord Jesus is holding us in His arms. He is traveling with Dad and He is staying home with us.

We are His. He has called us to this life and He is giving us our daily bread.