Askins in Asia April 2018 Newsletter

The children getting Goat Milk from a new friend in Taiwan. 

The children getting Goat Milk from a new friend in Taiwan. 

So Much to Say . . .

He is risen! Blessed Easter to you all! The last eight weeks since our previous newsletter have been filled with adventure, surprise, sorrow, joy, and much more. You'll hear about some of those things in the newsletter linked below.

However, I want to share some other important announcements:

First, I'm writing to you from a new location. I've included a picture of the address below. Don't worry, you can still write the address in English, and it will make it to us . . . hopefully. While we have moved, but we're still transitioning. We have taken on a fairly significant load of Chinese instruction; we're also learning a lot about Taiwanese food and culture.

Second, I want to share our home service plans. Usually, every other year, LCMS missionaries return to the USA to reconnect with donors and shore up support for the next two years. We should have returned this Spring; however, our move prevented us.

Here's the plan: I will return to the states for a short home service this October while Eliza and the children will remain in Taiwan to finish language instruction. I will visit those places where we have support, but it's more difficult or expensive for the entire family to visit (mostly along the East and West coasts). Then, in the Spring of 2019, the entire family will return to primarily those places where it's easier for us to travel.

So, in light of this announcement, three other notes:

  1. Please stay tuned at the website for more information on Home Service. I have a series of posts that will discuss home service and how you can support missionaries on home service.
  2. Please let me know if you'd like me to visit in October. Once again, I'll be primarily on the East and West coasts for this trip.
  3. Finally, if you're in Texas, Colorado, or the midwest, please mark your calendars for a visit from the Askins Clan in the Spring of 2019!

Finally, please watch this website and our Facebook page for more stories about work in Asia. Here's one you will enjoy:
Once Broken; Now Healing
As always, thank you for your support. Through your prayers and support, we have been able to support the proclamation of the Gospel throughout Asia. Please download this month's newsletter and share it. Post in your narthex. Forward this email to friends. We appreciate it.

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Blessed Resurrection of our Lord to you all.

— the Askins

Our New Address


Don't worry. You can still write the address in English and your mail will get to us! 

Thank you for your support.