Askins in Asia May Newsletter


Stories from May

Over the last month, I have posted a number of stories and podcasts on the Askins in Asia website. Here they are:

  1. Rev. Dr. John T. Pless traveled to Taiwan to teach on the catechism.
  2. Network Supported Missionaries and some extra downloads to share with your congregation.
  3. Home Service might be difficult, but it's also a great blessing.
  4. Pr. John Mos from Papua New Guinea travels 3 days to get bread and wine for the 14 congregations he serves. Dr. Dicke tells the story on the podcast.
  5. A Missionary Advocate can be a great way to help a missionary.

Please watch the website as I have even more stories planned for June, although I'm a bit behind already! Thank you for taking the time to read the stories; I appreciate it.

Most Recent Newsletter

In the most recent newsletter, I share some links to the stories on the website. Eliza shares how the greenest grass appears in the pastures our Good Shepherd has given us.

You can download the high-res version (for faster internet) or low-res version (for slower internet) of thenewsletter. Please print and share them with the people in your congregation.

If you haven't seen it yet, the LCMS Comms team did a great story on the work of the church in Sri Lanka.

In a summary story, the LCMS Reporter also shared news about the Disaster Response work in India.

Thank you for your support. Through your prayer and support, we have the opportunity to help bring the message of the Gospel to the people of Asia—and share that news with you. Thank you for walking with us.

In Christ,
The Askins

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