Repentance and Combating Violence Against Women and Children


In Papua New Guinea, our missionary team is struggling against something called "sanguma," or accusation based violence against women and children. Local "shamans" accuse them of having demons, and they are tortured and often killed. 

This coming Sunday is also the national day of repentance in Papua New Guinea. On this episode of the LCMS Asia podcast, Anton Lutz, an LCMS missionary in PNG, joins me to talk about how they're combating this violence on the national day of repentance. 

Show Notes:

In recent history, Papua New Guinea declared a National Day of Repentance. As Luther noted, the entire Christian life is one of repentance. This year, LCMS Missionaries in Papua New Guinea are speaking out against Sanguma or accusation-based violence against women and children in PNG. LCMS Missionary to PNG, Anton Lutz, joins us to talk about it. 

If you would like to learn more about this work, contact Anton Lutz directly at You can learn more about Anton and support his workat the LCMS website. 

IF you want to support the Sanguma project, please contact the LCMS Mission Advancement office by email or call 888-930-4438. 

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