India Recovery Continues . . . and much more


I’m actually getting a newsletter out on time this month! Honestly, this is a bit shocking given how much else has happened this month. I traveled to India, gathered photos, videos, and a podcast there. You can listen to the podcast here. Watch the international website for more stories from India.

During home service, I encouraged you all to watch the international website this August for stories from Asia. In what is probably a record number of stories, I posted videos from PNG, the Philippines, and Indonesia and Cambodia, along with photos from the Philippines and Indonesia. Cima joined me to for a podcast on stewardship, and David Bush joined me to talk about life in Hong Kong and how American Sign Language can share the Gospel.

On top of that (and other stories at the international website), we also published our first International Mission Newsletter email. Sign up for that here so that you don’t miss the news from the website.

And, little Annie fell out of bed and had to get stitches. Thankfully, she is okay and recovering well. Needless to say, it’s been a busy month at the Askins’ house.

Now, to the main course today, the newsletter. Please print and share. Thank you for your support and encouragements.

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In Christ,

Roy S. Askins