The Highlights of Home service

One last selfie from the last leg of our trip home to Taiwan.

One last selfie from the last leg of our trip home to Taiwan.

In our July newsletter, Eliza starts off by sharing some of the highlights of home service. We thank the Lord for all the support he provided for us through our families, friends, and supporters in the US. Without your support and encouragement, we could not have traveled the almost 13,000 miles we traveled. Thank you.

I had the privilege and opportunity to attend my first regular LCMS convention. While many people find convention frustrating and difficult, I enjoyed the opportunity immensely. So, I took a break from our regular programming in the newsletter and shared some highlights from convention this year.

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Askins in Asia July Newsletter

Askins in Asia July Newsletter

Last month, Jo Heidorn and I had the opportunity to interview Binghui. He's a former gang member turned horticulturist. He's a member of the Lutheran preaching station in Hsinchu Taiwan. I provide a short summary of his story in newsletter this month. Look for more on the LCMS Asia podcast.

Eliza continues to settle into life here in Chiayi. She's learning Chinese, and with the children, taking every opportunity to share Christ's love with those around us. She explain more in her article.

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Askins in Asia: July 2017 Newsletter

Listen In to Learn More

If you didn't know yet, the LCMS Asia region has a podcast hosted by yours truly. If you don't know what that is, don't worry. I explain it in the newsletter this month, and show you how to listen in and subscribe. 

We're also in the rainy season of Hong Kong. So, Eliza talks about how we cope with all the water—we play in it! 

Pastors and secretaries, please print these off and put them out for people to see. Also, please forward this email to your congregation so they can follow the links to listen to the LCMS Asia podcast. 

In the meantime, here is the July issue of the Askins in Asia newsletter: 

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The LCMS Asia Podcast

Here are the podcast links to the LCMS Asia podcast. I talked about three episodes in the newsletter; here are the links: 

Rev. Antonio Reyes, President of the LCP
Rev. Chuck Hoffman talks about International Church Ministry
Rev. Dr. Henry Rowold and the Chinese Edition of Luther's Works

You can listen on your computer by clicking play.

OR, you can subscribe through the podcast app on your iPhone.

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Askins in Asia: July Newsletter

Beautiful Lake Toba in Indonesia.

Beautiful Lake Toba in Indonesia.

Lutheranism in Indonesia

The last month brought many blessings. One of these blessings was the opportunity to see the work of the Indonesian Christian Lutheran Church (GKLI). Despite living in a predominantly Muslim country where the temptation is often to be simply a generic Christian, the GKLI proudly clings to Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. 

Please read the newsletter below for more details.

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Someone also suggested adding a fourth page to the newsletter to overcome the fourth blank page when printing the newsletter. I planned to do that this time but realized that I must change the template to accomplish it. So, being short I time, I postponed that change until next time. 

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Askins in Asia: July 2015 Newsletter

You are what you eat . . . ?

You are what you eat . . . ?

July Newsletter

Here's the latest round of the Askins in Asia Newsletter:

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While you're here, please take moment to look at the new addition to our website. The Askins Network page describes how The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod now supports and sends missionaries. 

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