Askins in Asia October 2017 Newsletter


How to Celebrate the Reformation

It’s the Reformation Edition of the Askins in Asia newsletter. We’ve got a number of special of news items. First, Eva Maria makes her first contribution to the newsletter. She wrote about how she and her siblings celebrated the Reformation while Dad was in Papua New Guinea. For my part, I wrote about the opportunity I had to share the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation with Lutherans in Papua New Guinea, and what we really celebrate when we celebrate the Reformation. 

If you’d like to hear more about the work in Papua New Guinea, please listen to this recent podcast hosted by me. Dr. Dicke, missionary and theological educator to PNG, spoke about Pr. Philip, a Lutheran in PNG who has some very complicated work ahead of him. 

While you’re at it, subscribe to the LCMS Asia podcast. You’ll be hearing more from Dr. Dicke in the future. 

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Askins in Asia: October Newsletter

The conjunction of Halloween and All Saint's Day gives the church an opportunity to confess the central teaching of the Reformation: that we are justified freely by God's grace on account of Christ's sake through faith. In other words, we have been transformed from goblins and ghouls into forgiven, holy, pure saints in the eyes of God. Read Pr. Askins's article for more. 

As we learn to live in Hong Kong, we've had to learn how to adjust to crowds and how they act differently here than in the United States. Eliza shares some of her experiences in her article about crowds. 

Finally, check out our prayers and special announcements. 

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Askins in Asia: October Newsletter

Jesus, the Light of the World

Askins in Asia: October Newsletter

Greetings everyone!

Better late than never. You'll be glad I waited, however. I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Hong Kong seeing the work and getting some photographs. Here are some highlights from the newsletter: 

  • Jesus Christ, Light of the World 
  • Eliza's thoughts on the last month
  • pictures from our recent travels
  • and more . . .

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