Who Framed Roger Rabbit

— By Eliza M. Askins

During my childhood I saw the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It was a cartoon meets real people simple mystery. They were trying to save ToonTown. I recall a scene in which a character whops another on the head with a cast iron skillet. 

More recently, Rapunzel in Tangled defends herself using a cast iron skillet. 

In my kitchen I have cast iron aplenty. I did not start cooking on it, but once I did there was no turning back. But cast iron serves a different purpose in these movies. 

It also serves a metaphorically different purpose for me. I am stubborn and slow to change. I've said more than once I need to be hit with the cast iron frying pan upon the head in order to help me see what changes must be made or what doors must be closed or opened. I've even prayed to be hit with the obvious so I would not make a mistake or doubt. 

It has happened on this journey. 

It started with the closing of a work from home job I started while my husband was in seminary. Little did we realize how it was taking my energies and patience from my children. Now with that one less responsibility I can focus my attentions on my nearest neighbors. 

While recapping the day tonight, my husband reminded me that we are 6 months in. What!?! 

Frying pan again. 

Time to get birth certificates for the younger three children so we can fill out passport paperwork. Just the other day, we hustled out of the house so a realtor could show it. We were told those who viewed it really liked the house. 

Another frying pan or maybe flame under foot to motivate to move things out. Time to gather boxes, bags, bins for donation. Time to snap photos of larger items to sell on line. Time to take out the "trash" we've accumulated. Whether this looking develops into an offer or not, the frying pan hit and movement needs to happen. 

In cartoons, they use real frying pans to catch someone's attention, and I too need something obvious at times to wake me up. I thank God that even if those frying pans are uncomfortable, He has sent them to help me on His way. I'm also grateful that He gives my husband patience with me until those frying pans hit. 

Welcome to our ToonTown.