Askins in Asia: September Newsletter

The Duties of an Evangelical Synod 

The opportunities that Lutheran parochial schools provide for the education of Christ's little ones cannot be overestimated. I had a wonderful opportunity to see some of this work firsthand.

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In Christ,

—the Askins

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Easter Presentations

What better day to discuss mission work than the Day of our Lord's Resurrection? Yesterday, I shared our work in the Asia/Pacific and South Asia/Oceania regions at Faith Lutheran Church during the Bible class hour. 

I'm presenting during the Bible Class hour at Faith.

I'm presenting during the Bible Class hour at Faith.

Pr. Woelmer also installed me as a missionary during the early service.

Today, I talked to the Faith Lutheran School children. They learned that they can use the Creed to share the Gospel with family friends, just as we do on the mission field. They also learned that in Hong Kong, they like to see their food alive before they take it home to cook it!

The children of Faith Lutheran School

The children of Faith Lutheran School

Thank you so much Faith Lutheran Church for your prayers and support. 

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