Askins in Asia September Newsletter

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Together in Christ

The last two months have provided our family with the opportunity to serve the entire region. I talk about that in my newsletter article this week. Eliza discusses whether grass is greener or the moon is rounder. And you have the opportunity to hear about it all. Please let us know if you have any questions.

In Christ,

Rev. Roy S. Askins

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For Your Prayers and Support

I’m currently traveling in the United States raising support for our work. I’m in California this week, and then Boston and North and South Carolina toward the end of October. Please keep Eliza and the children in your prayers as I travel.

It’s also a great time to sign up for additional support, if you’re able. Through your support, we can continue to proclaim the message of Christ and him crucified in Asia and support those who do the same. Please follow the link below to offer that support now. Thank you.

Askins in Asia September 2017 Newsletter


Feeding God's People

Last month, I witnessed the Lutheran church body in Sri Lanka re-form and ordain their first new pastor in the last decade. I’ve shared some more information and pictures about the great event in this edition of the Askins in Asia. Eliza talks about what it's like to watch the local children head to school while we school at home. 

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Thank you for your support. We couldn't do it without you. 

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In Christ,

— The Askins

Askins in Asia: September Newsletter

The Duties of an Evangelical Synod 

The opportunities that Lutheran parochial schools provide for the education of Christ's little ones cannot be overestimated. I had a wonderful opportunity to see some of this work firsthand.

Please read the newsletter below for more details.

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Pastors and secretaries, please print off a copy for your narthex and to distribute to the people of God you serve. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We love hearing from you. 

The fourth and final page this month is our prayer card. If you would like to partner with the LCMS to support our work, you can use the prayer card to do so. Your support is greatly appreciated.  

In Christ,

—the Askins

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How Time Flies: Askins in Asia September 2015 Edition

All Saints Lutheran, Charlotte, NC.

All Saints Lutheran, Charlotte, NC.

The months fly by, as Eliza comments in her article in the latest edition of the Askins in Asia. We have been on this journey for 7 months now, and it's still full steam ahead. Please read this edition of the Askins in Asia for more. 


  • Pictures from the latest trips to North Carolina and Massachusetts
  • A devotional comment from one of my sermons this month
  • Updated calendar for the next month

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In Christ, 
The Askins

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