Homeschool to Roadschool

— by Eliza M. Askins

I like routine and order. I like plans and lists to check off what has been accomplished.

Yet, schooling has always been an organizational and accomplished challenge for me. I put off routine because, when we first moved to Livingston, none of my children were of official school age.

Old habits die hard.

I fell into pushing school aside for housework, children playing, or outings with friends not to mention pregnancy or newborn babies arriving. I realized the need to buckle down and focus, but still struggle being consistent. It frustrates me a little to set out on the road and not be in one place to set up school.

Eva Maria and Ronan caramelize bananas with cousin Lauren.

Eva Maria and Ronan caramelize bananas with cousin Lauren.

However, in each place we stop, my children are learning, and I'm not always the teacher. Eva Maria was reading a reading workbook for context. This reading led to great-grandparents teaching and showing about both wheat and record players.

A cousin shared experiments of bubbles and caramelized bananas. Other cousins shared laps for stories and led physical explorations up and around mountains. Family history was both shared and made in these long days. 

We've gone from homeschool to roadschool.