Our Family — Short bios, pictures, and videos. Enjoy.


Roy S. Askins, Husband and Father

That’s me, who’s writing most of this stuff. Ever since I was a youth, I’ve enjoyed delving into God’s Word. I’ve also delighted in sharing this Word with others. At the same time, I enjoy technology and social media. Now, I get to do both as Witness & Communications Manager for the Asia region of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Read on to hear more about my wonderful, beautiful, caring, long-suffering wife and our delightful children. 


Eliza M. Askins, Wife and Mother

A Wisconsin native, she still said “yes” to a Texan and has had a wild ride ever since. She taught a few years after graduating from Concordia University Wisconsin. She now spends her time teaching our children first and foremost about Jesus, and then reading, writing, and arithmetic. She’s a wonderful mother and wife who delights to feed her family, both physically and mentally, and we don’t know what we’d do without her.


Eva Maria June Askins

Named for the mother of all the living (Eve) and the mother of God (Mary), her name has quite a lineage. Ever since she learned to decipher the squiggles on paper known as writing, she has delighted to delve into books and more books. As you can see, she especially delights to read God’s Word to her siblings, whenever they’re around.

Mathias John Wolfgang Askins

Despite being a self-proclaimed “home body” (at the tender age of 5), Mathias looks forward to moving to Hong Kong. He’s hoping to reconnect with one of his friends from orientation and looks forward to many other things Hong Kong will offer, especially slow karate, a.k.a. Tai Chi. He’s also learning to read but would much rather spend his time putting togther Lego blocks. 

Ronan Theodore Reuel Askins

Working with his hands, that’s what Ronan likes. He’ll miss working with dad in the workshop, but being the adventuresome boy that he is, he will undoubtedly find the sights and smells of Hong Kong delightful and intriguing. He also finds building Lego creations very fulfilling.

Ezekiel Eldor Gustav Askins

Ezekiel loves to climb. Our major concern with this young rascal, who’s just learning to force his tongue around the English language is his fearlessness in the face of any obstacle. His precocious propensity to find himself in the most difficult place possible will keep his parents on their toes. And he likes chicks. 

Anastasia Esther Rosemary Askins

She likes toes, and her name means "Resurrection."


Cornelia Arwen Elsbeth Askins

Cornelia has quite a name to live up to. Her great, great, great Aunt Cornelia lived to be 108 years old. Like Aunt Cornelia, she's doing her best to keep everyone entertained and doing a fine job of it. She enjoy eating spaghetti, simply to make a mess of things, and going outside.